Macadamia tree varieties

Stickers ready for picking
Woofers harvesting macadamia nuts
Woofers harvesting stickers
Droppers drop their nuts without help.

What to consider when buying your macadamia nut tree

One of the most frequently asked questions is "what macadamia nut variety is best for me?" We have twenty three varieties of macadamia nut trees on our orchard. Three or four varieties would be ideal.

There are two broad varieties: those whose nuts drop, and those whose nuts prefer to be picked, called stickers.

Droppers advantages:

  • Costs: Costs can be reduced in a commercial orchard with mechanical harvesting. This can be made easier with droppers.
  • Yield: Some droppers produce more kernel/tree than stickers.

Droppers disadvantages:

  • Timing: Nuts drop whether you're ready or not. Sometimes they drop when you do not have the labour, or ground conditions are wet after a period of bad winter weather. Sometimes they dont drop until they are past their prime, and have to be picked.

Sticker advantages:

  • Timing; Can be harvested when you're ready, ie when you have the labour and good weather.

Sticker disadvantages;

  • Costs: Climbing trees or using a pole pruner takes time and money.
  • Safety. Climbing trees has its risks.

When deciding what macadamia nut variety to purchase, get a range of opinions from experienced orchardists and processors in your local area. Be wary of advice from some nurserymen, as they are likely to have an interest in selling those varieties they grow or stock rather than those best suited to your unique situation.