Dehusking macadamia nuts

Husks make great compost
Husks make great compost.

Tips on dehusking your macadamia nuts correctly

Dehusk within 24 hours of harvesting
Dehusk within 24 hours of harvesting.

Dehusking macadamia nuts within 24 hours of collection is important to ensure you get the most from your nuts. The husk is high in sugars, and moulds soon develop if you get it wrong.


  • regularly check for least weekly.
  • pick nuts with husks opening on the tree, as mould (kernel discoloration) will begin in these nuts.
  • harvest nuts off the ground every few days at least, and after every wind event.
  • dehusk within 24 hours.


  • leave nuts with open husks on the tree.
  • leave nuts on the ground longer than a few days, especially in warm humid weather. 
  • leave harvested nuts in a bucket or bag for more than a day. Nuts are living things. They respire, give off heat, and start composting.
  • leave unhusked nuts in a warm area. Store them for the shortest time in the coolest area, eg chiller or in the shade. Never in the sun!

Husk waste can be placed in your compost bin, or fed to cattle. Add a little Calcium Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser to your compost to balance the C:N ratio.

Husks make great compost
Husks make great compost.