WonderCracker Testimonials

A selection of feedback from our happy customers

Hi Paul

I have received your wonderful  creation which is really helpful to crack the hardest nut in the world ! It was nice to have those  beautiful nuts which was perfectly processed  by expert  hand. My 6 years old son cracked it so easily I was surprised!

Kind Regards

Masud Oct 2021


Hi Paul

Some Feedback.....I am delighted with the nut cracker ......such great design and I do enjoy how many hazel nuts I get through over the last month!! It's beautifuly designed and I hope sales are going well for you.

Best Wishes
Rick, Carterton, May 2021

Hi Guys

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the lovely nut cracker.

It’s an absolute dream to use. And thank you so very much for the lovely macadamia nuts, what a generous surprise.

All the very best

Sue, May 2020


Hi Paul, 

I just wanted to say thank you for the nut cracker. It is so beautifully crafted, and I’m so pleased I could find one in New Zealand. Thank you also for the macadamia nuts, it was a very lovely surprise for my husband. 


Shail, Oct 2019

Just some feedback on my new wondercracker
Very impressed with the design and quality of the cracker we can now say good by to that hammer, money well spent
The whole family loves it great product
Thanks, Tom Oct 2018


I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with your Wondercracker it works great! I made a tray out of some recycled silky oak and it’s great to be able to sit around the table cracking nut enjoying eating them straight from the shell.


Chris, Queensland. Aug 2018


Hi Paul,
Thank you so much for the Wonder Cracker..........being perfect for cracking Macadamias.I now have it set on a Nice board that makes it very comfortable to use with ease.A wonderful design and build, Thanks again.
Kind Regards Grant, July 2018


Our WonderCracker arrived the other day and we just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the design and presentation of this great product. Also many thanks for the 2 bags of nuts - that was a lovely bonus. Keep up the good work.

Regards, Kevin, Warkworth NZ, Feb 2018


I am absolutely in awe of your nutcracker, all my almonds are done and now I am eagerly awaiting next season's crop. Thank you so much for the macalogs, and also the brittle, my family are all enjoying them.

Jenny, Wakefield, Dec 2017


Received my wonder cracker yesterday in the post, mounted it to a lovely block of Kwila I had prepared and have not stopped using it! I never write reviews, etc but this morning after cracking a few walnuts (at 6.00am!) I felt I had to let you know how happy I am with this product.
My only regret is that I never had it 30 years ago! I have always hated the chore of cracking nuts but love the nuts and this is exactly the product that I had "invented" in my mind that would do the job on all our nuts. I can only recommend that everyone who has a nut tree or two of any kind gets one of these well made products. My 87 year old Dad cracked an almond with it yesterday evening. This is a task that my strapping 20 year old son couldn't achieve the night before as a challenge (after he had questioned why I had purchased a cracker and why we don't just use our hands!) with an ordinary hand cracker and a task that had been relegated very clumsily to a vice in the shed. Now I hoe through them in the kitchen! We will pick all our nuts on our few trees with vigour in the future as we can actually crack them easily at last.
Well worth it and now my favourite tool - yes, even better than my previous favourite battery blower which makes cleaning the shed and garages a dream.
And my wife thanks you for the packet of macas that came with it - a lovely unexpected touch.

Paul, Kaiapoi, Jan 2018


Just a note to convey my thanks for the WonderCracker.   It is the most marvellous invention.  After spending years with several B.O.N.K machines I did not realise how easy it is to crack Macadamia nuts.   What really decided me was when I really did damage to my shoulder trying to crack a nut that had become jammed!  Thanks for nuts also.  I do have a tree that is quite prolific but nuts not as nice as yours. Thanks for information on drying them which I had done with onion sacks but that was all. Hopefully I will have better luck now. Many thanks Jenifer, Sept 2017

Hi there,

The cracker arrived yesterday, and it's fantastic thank you. Can’t believe how much we’ve struggled all these years lol

Cheers, Wendy 

Hi Paul,

We have received our WonderCracker and it is amazing. Thanks very much. Now able to enjoy our lovely almonds.


Hi Ohiwa M

My nutcracker arrived today. It is excellent-I wonder how we have managed so long without one!!Thanks also for the beautiful macadamias. A very happy customer.
Regards, Gill July 2017


I just wanted to say thanks very much for the wonderful nutcracker. The elegant design, clever engineering and superb craftsmanship impress me just as much as my ability to crack nuts faster than my wife can eat them!


Simon, July 2017

To Paul and Anne

How exciting to see the courier van turn up this afternoon with our Ohiwa WonderCracker! My two little girls helped me open the package. I must say I was blown away with the quality of the product. Beautiful wood, handcrafted to perfection. Even better than in the photos. I couldn't be happier. And the real test... The wondercracker came with a bag of macadamia nuts for us to crack - and that's exactly how we spent the afternoon in the sun. My daughter loved helping me crack the nuts open. FINALLY a macadamia nut cracker fit for purpose! Such little effort required, and the result - a perfect nut in one piece. My little daughter described it perfectly "this is the best day ever!". I searched for a year for a nut cracker that sounded like it might do the job - after being given many duds. We have now finished our very first harvest of our own nuts. This wondercracker is going to be a life saver. Paul, you have been such a pleasure to deal with. I can't recommend Paul and the Ohiwa WonderCracker enough. Laura Oct. 2016


I have received my wonder cracker, thank you.  It is fantastic, a great little design and efficient working. Definitely beats the old hammer and pliers method.
Thank you also for the delicious nuts.
Regards Fay, 09.03.16

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to let you know that the wondercracker superdeluxe has arrived safe and sound.  Had it out of the box and cracking nuts straight away.  Wonderful to crack nuts so effortlessly and as a bonus not have shell pieces all over the house!!  We just couldn't find a nut cracker to get our home grown almonds open, the almonds stayed whole while the nut crackers cracked under the pressure. No longer are the almonds winning!   We are enjoying your macs and walnuts also, thankyou.  We will be swapping the chips for nuts when we have our sundowners!!  It's a real pleasure to own something that is designed to last, work well and look good.
Thanks Linly, 04.11.15

Hi Paul

We received our WonderCracker a few days ago and we are delighted with it.  Functional, robust and good looking!  We look forward to many years of cracking!

Thanks too for the bags of nuts enclosed with our new WonderCracker!


Trevor, 26.02.15

Hello Paul,

Just a short note to say our Wonder Cracker Super Deluxe arrived today. It certainly is everything your information said it was. As a engineer, I can say the materials, design, construction and overall quality leave nothing to be desired. Keep up the excellent work.

And thank you for the macadamia and walnuts.

Phil Collins 02.04.14

Just to let you know how rapped I am with your nutcracker!
Just did a bag of difficult almonds,no problem and all in one piece,fantastic!!!

Wim Houtman


Thankyou, Paul and Anne,

Thankyou for the Nutcracker - a beautiful piece of workmanship

Thankyou for the two packs of nuts - tasty

Thankyou for the included Brochure - well presented

Thankyou for advertising in the Tree Cropper - otherwise I may not have found you

Thankyou for the Dukkah and Macadamias - great packaging

Especially thanks for your wonderful Communications - Well Done

Best wishes



To Ohiwa Macadamias Team

Thankyou for the nutcracker - absolute marvellous tool! I have had some useless nut crackers to the point that I felt like pulling out my two nut trees. You have saved the day!

Jeanette McMahon


Hi Paul

Thank you for the great nutcracker and the bag of macadamias and walnuts that came with it.
 It was recommended to me by the person who sold me my almond tree, River Nuts in Nelson, as the only nutcracker that would open my hardshelled almonds. And she was right. It was my first crop and it was very frustrating not being able to open them.
I sat out in the sun one day and enjoyed opening my almonds, a big bag of walnuts from our market, and the nuts you sent.
It's a real investment, that nutcracker, and I'm sure will become a family heirloom.
Robyn, Nelson.


It has arrived...wonderful machine, quality manufacturing. I have been associated with stainless steel for many years as a milking machine fitter and can see that it is a superior product thanks.

The two eight year old twin grand children are having a ball already

Peter D Nightingale, Levin.



Your Ohiwa Macadamias nutcracker has arrived. It looks really good. It cracked easily the shell, leaving the seed (of my home-grown Macadamia nuts) unbroken.

As a Materials Engineer, which has been designing various mechanisms, I admire yours nutcracker's clean design, excellent functionality and the high quality of the construction materials.

Albeit, it ain't cheap, it offers an excellent value for money.

Dr. N. Rosenzweig, Israel.


Dear Paul,

A very big thankyou for my nutcracker, it's truly wonderful. I absolutely adore the cracker, its magic.

Vanya, Christchurch.


Thank you for my order, received last week - beautifully presented and the nut cracker is exceptional - it has been enjoying some good use over the weekend, great quality and workmanship, such a pleasure to see after all the imported badly made products flooding the market. I would highly recommend your products, and will probably buy another nut cracker as a gift in the near future.
Thank you also for the bag of walnuts, a thoughtful extra.
Kind regards
Pamela Crane, Titirangi.


Hello, just a note to say how much we love our nut cracker we purchased
from you a couple of weeks ago. It was put to good use immediately
after we installed it on our kitchen bench. Kids have been cracking
nuts non stop! The Wondercracker is very safe and easy to use which is great for our children who are the chief nut crackers in our house!
Thanks again and we are glad we were able to support a NZ made product.

Best wishes
Megan Dickinson and family, Waipu.



My nutcracker arrived today and it is really fantastic. I am very impressed with the workmanship and it works amazingly.

Judy, Manurewa.


We received our "Super Deluxe WonderCracker" on Monday and have had a lot of fun since!! It has exceeded all expectations!! It truly is a "WonderCracker!"

Thank you for your attention to our order.

Kind regards
Peter, Wellington

Hi Paul,
We received the WonderCracker yesterday , thank you. We are really thrilled with it and had a lovely surprise to find the two bags of nuts in the box with the cracker.
We will have no hesitation in recommending it to our friends and customers (we have a small business) as even my sister, who has arthritis, can use it to crack a macadamia!
Thank you once again,
Kind Regards,
Cathy Caldwell



I could tell by the cracking of the cracker,
That the cracker was no slacker,
He was cracking nuts as if it was a race.

I said, “I wonder,” to the cracker,
“Is that cracker type a wonder?
It must be, for you crack at such a pace".

He said, “I won’t deceive-ya,
This cracker’s from Ohiwa,
Where macadamia nuts are commonplace.

And I am certainly a backer,
Of this cracker of a cracker,
The best you’ll buy in any marketplace.”

By Dave Sharp


Hi there at Ohiwa Macadamias

We purchased one of your macadamia nut crackers. It does an awesome job. We now can at long last just enjoy our macadamias instead of dreading having to go through a really time consuming process
Thank you to who ever designed it. Top marks from us.

Carolynne and Graeme Andrew



The nut cracker has arrived and it really is a cracker.

Thank you so much.

I will enjoy it for as long as I live.

Great product.

Best regards

Andrew, Australia

 Dear Paul,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the nutcracker. It's designed perfectly for the smallest and largest nuts. I'm so grateful that you make this product available and easy to purchase!

Zipporah, Hawaii


 Hi Paul,

Thank you for that! Our cracker has been a wonderful useful tool in cracking our walnuts. We have about 10 litres of cracked walnuts sitting in the freezer waiting to be used in salads, maple walnut ice cream I am yet to master and our favorite is home made walnut bread in the bread maker. Once our walnuts are dried my partner sits in front of the TV on the weekends and happily crack’s the nuts, with my pleasure in watching him as he wouldn’t share the cracker, hence why we need 2! Plus our daughter was born last year and I can see fights with them both wanting to crack the nuts with this awesome machine.


Once again thank you for creating an awesome tool we have enjoyed using.

Many regards,

Deanna Tahau

Mobile Personal Trainer.

Hi there:


Just a quick note to say that the Wonder Cracker I ordered the other day arrived this morning. 

It is a great machine and its finish and performance have exceeded my expectations. It’s so good I want to order another two as gifts for my family. 

Well done and thanks for the prompt service. 


Richard Spearman



Hi Paul 

 Wondercracker has arrived and is in instant use – a great piece of design that also works well and looks good. Also good to have the lifetime guarantee. Thanks again and we will tell others!


 Chris Elphick


Hi Paul & Anne,

Well! What can I say. After years of mucking around with screw things and plier things and hammer things and firing my nuts all over the paddock, finally I have something that works. Very well made and presented. The little things count. Thank you very much.

Many Thanks,
Graham Simpson


Hi Mr. Paul Robin

It arrived today 29.9.2009
Thank you very very much, for your kindness.
This is The Nutcraker,
It is a nice piece of engineered, and works very very smoth.
I wish all the best for you and your family.

P.S. a picture of the nut and the cracker

José Rodrigues, (Portugal)

 Hi Paul

Yes the cracker has arrived thanks, two days after I ordered it. Really happy with it. It follows the old adage, you get what you pay for. Nice touch to include a few macs to crack. After realising how I felt getting the little extra surprise I am thinking of doing something like that myself in our own business.



Hi Paul,

Everything (WonderCracker and goodies) arrived beautifully in the shop.
The chocolate macadamias were delicious. My wife, Anneke, reluctantly gave me a couple to try.
Thank you very much for your great service.

Tom Kroon